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HOT: Begin your personal thermal cycle experience in the sauna or hot tub to warm up and relax. Recommended time: 10-15 minutes.

COLD: Immerse yourself in a refreshing, cold plunge tub. Recommended time: 30 seconds to five minutes.

REST: Wrap up in your towel and robe and enjoy some fireside time to let your body come back to its natural state before resuming the cycle again, if desired. Recommended time: 20 minutes.

REPEAT: When booked for a three or four hour session, you should have time for 3-4 cycles of the thermal ritual.

Please note: Guests are asked to shower in our outdoor or indoor shower before entering any of the hot or cold tubs and sauna. This will remove any residue from lotions, bug spray, sunscreen, and hair products and ensure our water is always in optimal condition.

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