Welcome to KŌV, your Nordic spa inspired experience located just minutes from the resort town of St. Andrews by-the-Sea, New Brunswick.



KŌV differs from other Nordic spa experiences in that we are a private spa experience — New Brunswick’s first! When you book a session at KŌV, our facilities, yes, ALL of them, are uniquely yours for your entire allotted time. You can choose to enjoy a fully guided experience with your hosts, or a totally private experience. We are here to ensure your privacy, enjoyment and safety while at KŌV.

The benefits of the thermal cycle ritual of “Hot, Cold, Rest, Repeat” are abundant: reduced inflammation, increased energy, mental clarity, reduced stress, immune system boost, increased alertness and pain relief. Though there are guidelines that most people find helpful to reap the most benefits from the thermal cycle ritual, the experience is entirely up to you, in your own time and in your own way.



We offer three-hour sessions for groups between one and six people. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SESSION FEE YOU SEE WHEN BOOKING IS NOT A PER PERSON RATE.  We have set a flat rate for each 3 hr session, so you can book anywhere from 1-6 people in your session. We can only accommodate a maximum of six guests per session at KŌV. If you wish to request a longer or a custom booking, please email